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  • Human Potential And HRM

    Human potential is the capacity for humans to improve themselves through studying, training, and practice, to reach the limit of their ability to develop aptitudes and skills . Every human being wants to be connected to his or her world. We hate being alone. We hate feeling separated. We hate the feeling of being stretched in all different directions.

    We love feeling integrated. Intact. Human, whole. Healthy. We love being connected. As a matter fact, for many people love is being connected. Business owners love to connect with stakeholders. There are always limits. These limits may be set by the laws of physics, but they are impossible to break. Beyond that, each individual has his own natural limits. We don't know how much storage space is available in the human mind. We don't know the maximum processing power of the human brain either.

    One thing is certain though, no human is the same as another and no brain is identical to another. Each human has his own natural limits that are likely beyond what anyone who has ever lived can imagine. The best leaders empower their constituents and get them to work together and guide them to work in a team.

    A successful businessman have strong relationships with their employees, every important organization has department called human resource development, which attracts talents across and connect the talent pool with the organization structure and successful business owner uses the potential of individual through process based system to achieve the business goal.

    A business owner with big objective integrates the human potential and implements the system to build strong team without conflict so to get effectively utilize the knowledge and potential of each individual. Companies need in their human, material, financial, informational resources etc., resources that they have at a certain moment in order to accomplish the mission and strategic objectives around which their entire activity revolves Well organized companies create a consistently positive experience for all employees, stating that “every employee matters in an economy that is about connectivity, innovation, and human qualities like passion, character, and collaboration”.

    At a time when companies are using newly available workforce data to drive greater value, responsible leadership is the key to building employee trust. Trust is the ultimate currency—it’s the path to innovation and fuels growth by unlocking people’s potential.

    Most of the companies doing research to develop training and motivation session on topics which enhance the trust in employees. Human potential management is an integrative and continuous process of enhancing human capabilities and capacities by enriching human beings' existing potential and helping them to discover and tap their latent potential through micro‐level human.

    The advantages of the effective utilization of manpower can be enlisted in following points:

    • Effective cost reduction
    • Transparency in performing tasks • Prevention of wastage of time and extra money
    • Limited wastage in case of necessary and additional resources
    • Targeted goals of the organization can be achieved at a much faster pace than before.

    The term human resource utilization here simply means the effective and efficient use of human resources in an organization in order to achieve desired growth and development of any organization and to avoid wastage of manpower.

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