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Performance Potential Matrix - Category That States An Individual Having Low Performance & Low Potential

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  • Performance Potential Matrix - Category That States An Individual Having Low Performance & Low Potential

    The performance potential matrix (3x3 grid) has been in use over the years & has added good value to the Performance Management Process. However, there is one category that states an individual having low performance & low potential. Yes, it is possible that an individual is not performing adequately in the given role, but isn't it unfair to conclude that he also has low potential? He may have the potential but might be struggling to perform due to various reasons. Any thoughts on this?

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    Hi Anshu,

    It appears that you have confused between the concepts of "performance" and "potential".

    There are two definitions of the word "performance".

    These are given below:

    Definition with respect to the past: - any recognized accomplishment

    Definition with respect to the role: - process or manner of functioning or operating

    In general, when we talk about performance, we refer to the past. In contrast, "potential" is for the future. It is defined as the inherent capacity for coming into being.

    In the 9-box matrix, there could be a situation wherein an employee may not perform and incidentally, he/she may not have the potential to grow. The possibility of this kind could be rarest of rare but cannot be ruled out per se.

    When the management models are designed, these are designed for all types of situations. Their applicability is universal and the designers cannot rule out any possibility. If the employee gets into the "LL" box, i.e. low-performance and low-potential situation then it shows poor recruitment practices. A robust recruitment practice is expected to assess a candidate's ability to perform and also check whether the candidate has the potential to grow. However, occasionally, the recruitment team is under pressure to fill the vacancy and they may ignore the candidate's ability to grow. But at the same time, they rely on the performance at the previous organisation and believe that the candidate could deliver the same level of performance.

    The "LL Box" syndrome is the reflection of the poor training practices in the organisation. The training department must focus on elevating the performance of the employees. However, self-obsessed HR/Training professionals concentrate more on the method of the delivery of the training and also the ability of the trainer to obtain "excellent" feedback from the participants. Moreover, they also just stop at taking feedback and do not do any follow up after the training.

    Anyway, a 9-box matrix for matured organizations. It is not child's play. The implementation of 9-box requires the hiring of a consulting agency as well.



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