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If No Leave Application Is Given, The Firm Deducts Salary And Enters Absent. Is This Process Right?

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  • If No Leave Application Is Given, The Firm Deducts Salary And Enters Absent. Is This Process Right?


    I have joined a new firm. The firm pays wages if we give leave application and enters it as EL, CL. SL only in case we give SL application, else no SL. If no leave application is given, the firm deducts salary and enters absent. Is this process right? There is no leave with wages register, only attendance register (so no sign).
    So if we don't give any application (or inform about our leave beforehand), can the firm deduct all our wages without giving us our rights of CL, SL, EL which we are entitled to.


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    Dear friend,

    First of all, 'availing leave' without proper approval is not a right. Of course except unexpected emergencies. If an employee is absent without properly approved leave nothing but absent. And absent never earns any wage. It's is not a good habit or ideal HR practices as well. Your office is right deducts salary by entering absent when there is no approval of 'leave of absence'. There should be leave with wages register and entries should be made appropriately. That comes secondary. If you don't give/send a leave application there cannot be any approval of leave intended. So where is the question of paying wages, 'no work no pay'. As a bonafide employee it's the primary duty of the employee to mark present when he/she on duty, if not it goes without saying he/she is absenting from work. Just because there is earned leave in leave a/c it doesn't mean automatic grant of leave when absent. Prior approval on a formal application is necessary for granting 'leave with wages' if either no application & approval thereof or no application at all it means absent only. There is no question of right in absenting, absenting is not a right of an employee. Employee is expected to follow office discipline & practices in work places.



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