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The role of HR in promoting teamwork

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  • The role of HR in promoting teamwork

    The role of HR in promoting teamwork

    HR plays a pivotal role in supporting team success, for several reasons:

    Management capability - The first area to look at is the role of the line manager. Many organizations promote managers because of technical skill, but they are perhaps not as skilled when it comes to people management. In order to develop the business, and the leaders within it you must consider the correct training and development opportunities.

    Recruitment - Have a strong recruitment and selection policy so that the right people are brought into the business. HR representatives will need to work alongside recruiting managers to offer support and advice in this area. Ultimately, businesses are looking for individuals that will bring the right skills to a team, whilst holding similar or the same values as the organisation.

    Team Building - HR will be called upon to facilitate team discussion within underperforming teams. This often looks at any issues within the team and identifies solutions to move the discussion forward. It could also form part of a wider team building activity day.

    Temperature check - It is always good practice for HR facilitators to do a regular temperature check to determine how people are feeling and give people an opportunity to make any suggestions or ideas for improvements that would benefit the team as a whole. Use the data you get back to support those teams that need it, but also focus on what the highly engaged teams are doing well.

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