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Reward Scheme For The Employees Who Have Less Absenteeism

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  • Reward Scheme For The Employees Who Have Less Absenteeism

    reward scheme for the employees who have less absenteeism Hi all, Pls its very........................... urgent. Any of you have any suggestion or any information to pass through this thread. Waiting to your reply.................... Thank you all..........

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    Make a provision of Rs.100 - 200 in the monthly pay and those who attended the work with out loss of pay add the amount and the employees who are on loss of pay need to be deducted. To reduce the leave availment you can also structure the system in such a way that with a maximum of one leave they are eligible for the attendance bonus.

    In addition to this you can plan some house hold items at the end of the year for the employees who are regular for their duties. This can be given in a forum where all the employees are present over and the Head of the unit or organization may give these items, you can also given one appreciation letter to the employees.

    You should also ensure that there should be some differentiation between the employees who are punctual for their duties and those who are abstaining. The above process may add value in reducing the absenteeism. If you are bold enough you can take a post card and write the matter saying that as per the company rules you are eligible for a monthly salary of Rs. xxxxxxx but due to your absence for the work we are able to pay you Rs. xxxxxxxxx only.

    This will be sent to his residance so there is every possibility of getting the focus of their family members.


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