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Help To Prepare On Recruitment Action Plan For Hiring 60 People In 15 Days Time?

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  • Help To Prepare On Recruitment Action Plan For Hiring 60 People In 15 Days Time?

    Hi ,
    Any can help to prepare on Recruitment action Plan for hiring 60 people in 15days time . if anyone having any documents so please do share.

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    I would suggest you first start by firing the person in your organisation who decided you needed 60 people in 15 days time. No sane, logical, and professional person decides something like this on a whim. Any organisation's development plan and projected staffing should be set out in their business plan, so future staffing needs are known well in advance, and can be properly prepared for.

    As I have stated many, many, many times on this forum, you will never get the right people for your organisation, if you do not have a robust and logical recruitment and selection policy in place. Recruitment takes time unfortunately, and to recruit 60 people is going to take a lot of time.

    If you follow my very successful recruitment plan, and just select the top 3 candidates for each position for interview, that is 180 interviews. Can anyone tell me how you can conduct 180 interviews in less than 15 days, and make a value judgement on each candidate's suitability, let alone do reference checking, prepare offer letters, and see to all the other administrative detail?

    I sometimes think people check their brains in at the front door when they turn up for work each day, and sadly, that applies to so many so called HR professionals I have met in my working life.

    Rita Raj


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