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Candidate's Not Joining After Accepting Offer - How To Control This?

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  • Candidate's Not Joining After Accepting Offer - How To Control This?

    Need inputs on above topic. IT industry is know for highest opportunities, attractive salaries, and attrition.
    One of the trend which is going since almost last 10 years when I started my career in 2005 as a recruiter and that is candidate not joining even after accepting the offer. Candidate's use to inform about their unwillingness on the day of joining or prior to one day of joining. They get better offer from another company and joins.
    Companies who are offering the candidate who has already accepted one offer not realize the efforts that other company has put into recruitment and selection. How to control this?

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    What do you expect? Why would not the candidates choose the best offer? During bad times, any company fires employees without a second thought, right? So why should not the employees look for what is better for them?
    In case you really want your selected candidates to join, then either offer them what they want; else do not be so ambitious in choosing candidates. Lower down your specs and choose candidates accordingly. Kust as you are running for the best candidates, these candidates are also looking for the best offers. Competition is a two-way street, do not forget this. While trying to be competitive yourself, you can not blame others for not being competitive. You choose BEST candidates, they choose BEST companies. Hope it makes sense to you.


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