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Is There An Alternative To The Bell Curve As Part Of The Performance Appraisal?

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  • Is There An Alternative To The Bell Curve As Part Of The Performance Appraisal?

    Dear All,
    Its that time of the year when we in HR have to handover increments and pink slips to performers and non-performers. I have been rather uncomfortable with the concept of branding employees non performers as there are factors that affect employee performance where the given employee has no control.
    These factors are not considered while making decisions of increments or handing over pink slips. Thus I have been trying to find an alternative to the Bell Curve which does not factor such issues and categories employees.
    Therefore my dear friends I seek your opinion and valuable experience on different approach rather than Bell Curve that you have followed or are aware of as part of the performance appraisal.
    Your views will of great help to me and others who share the need to have an alternative approach besides the Bell Curve.

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    In the course of my training programmes, occasionally my participants (who were Managers), complained about the limitations of the Bell Curve.
    They told that they told that in their team if they have five "Very Good" employees but if the vacancies for "Very Good" are four then the fifth has to be pushed down to "Good" per force. This was they said that a painful process.
    Against this backdrop, when I provide consulting services on Performance Management System (PMS), I tell my client to rate the employee on a scale of 100 and let them be covered in the various slabs of performance. The slabs of performance could be like > 85%, 76 to 85%, 66 to 75& etc. Suppose if a company has 100 employees then the break up could be:
    > 85% : - 30 76 to 85%
    : - 40 66 to 75%
    : - 20 below 65.9: - 10
    The salary increments can be given based on the performance slab. This method helps in eliminating the bottom-level employees.
    Secondly, the employee does not carry disgruntlement for having rated in lower performance slab.


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