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    I have a team of 5, and i see no life in my team... i am newly appointed team manager. so plz suggest me some tips which will make my team work with full energy,,,

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    Firstly you may want to spend some time to understand each individual. You may want to have some psychometric tests done on them if you have the budgets, else just spend some time chatting with each one of them individually. As you get to know them and they get to know you, you would be able to connect better on the work front and you shall be able to get the best output of them. The next step could be a team outing. Do let me know if this helps. Do let me know if you need more inputs as well.


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      Energizing a team suddenly is a challenge primarily because you are a new team leader and the existing members may have their own mindset blocks which you have to discover through constant interaction and communication. Probe them about their concerns, the work environment, the style of management and the specific style of the previous team leader to get a fix on what demotivates them.

      You will at the same time, have to display a sense of concern and empowerment by making some select drastic changes coupled with some soft changes to establish your credentials.

      Even changes like seating arrangement, change in job profiles, changes in formats of reports and holding team briefings will send a message that you are both proactive and a team leader. Make a conscious effort to be more appreciative of the team members and recognizing their good work. Praise something before being critical of any tardy jobs.

      Be prepare to soil your hands doing some elementary jobs to demonstrate both your knowledge of the ground level jobs as well as to ensure your team members warm up to you. Once trust and authority are established, move on to bonding with them without getting too familiar.

      For this you can share informative and interesting articles, news items, motivational inputs but avoid forwarding smutty SMS jokes, email forwards etc.

      For some Inspirational and Motivational ideas do visit the following blogs

      https://www.actspot.wordpress.com/ - Daily Blog

      https://www.poweract.blogspot.com/ - weekly blog

      I am sure you will be able to effectively implement these tips.



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